Convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video

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Microsoft Powerpoint has an integrated export function that allows you to turn any PPT presentation into a video. We show you how it works.

There you click on the menu item “Export”. PowerPoint offers you numerous export options, ranging from the usual PDF document to a handout in Microsoft Word . In this specific case, select the “Create video” item.

Various settings are now displayed in the right-hand window:

  • Resolution: In this drop-down box you select the quality of the video to be created. You can choose between Standard (480p), HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD (4K).

  • Recordings: Here you can choose whether or not to include recorded timings or comments.

  • Display time: Set how many seconds each slide should be displayed.

When you have made all the necessary settings, click on “Create video”. Give this a file name and close the process by clicking on “Export”.

Convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video 1
Under “Export” (1) you will find the option “Create video” (2) with corresponding video settings (3-5).

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